About Us

At Agrofoods, we specialize in the review of agricultural produce but now we focus on rice and a re-modification of a paddy rice dehuller- The rubber roller type to be specific. All we discuss here are for educational purposes and we do not in any way promote any company’s product or machineries.
We are just here to provide you with information at your fingertips. 

Some of the posts will be in parts though due to their length. We wouldn’t want to bother our readers with extremely lengthy posts that would seem so boring to read so we broke them up into parts. Hope you find that useful.

This is a one man standalone blog created by a student out of his own free time. Studying engineering though but has passion for agriculture hence the blog. He has two other blogs to his name though. TheMcHub, an educational blog and RightsandEcons, a human rights and Economics specific blog

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